- The top was re-chopped. It had been chopped by a previous owner and upon closer inspection cracks were found where the joints were brazed.
- A roof insert from Walden Speed Shop was TIG welded in place.
- The windshield visor was welded in place.
- The gas tank/cowl was welded in place. The stock gas filler was removed and the whole cowl was smoothed.
- The body line was extended into the cowl area.
- A Bitchin Products floor and firewall were installed.
- A trans tunnel was fabricated and installed.
- A new trunk floor was fabricated and installed.
- A Brookville rear deck lid was installed. The rear quarters were slit and rewelded for a consistent gap with the deck lid.

1932 Ford Coupe

The owner of this Model A five window coupe brought it to Trick Works for some extensive metal work and chassis upgrades. Here’s a list of the items performed by our shop:

- A Brookville rear pan was installed and ’42 Ford taillights were mounted in the pan.

- Rear fenders were bobbed.
- Custom hinges were fabbed for the rear deck lid.
- A Dan Fink double hinge kit was installed on the hood.
- All of the original wood reinforcements were removed from the interior of the body shell and replaced with 1” square tubing.
- A triangulated 4-link rear suspension was added to the chassis.
- Tubing was added to the rear of the frame to kick it up and rear body mounts were fabricated.

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