Here are some of the items that were done in finishing the truck:

- Firewall was smoothed and repainted.
- Power brake booster was relocated to clear left side valve cover.
- New fuel injection system was installed.
- Engine painted to match vehicle.
- Aluminum cooling fan shroud was fabricated.
- Engine compartment cleaned up with all exposed wires hidden from view.
- New exhaust system fabricated and coated with hi-temp resistant ceramic.
- Updated sound system installed.
- All window glass installed.
- Interior installed

1970 Chevy C-10 Pickup

This ’70 Chevy C-10 was brought to Trick Works only partially completed. The chassis was fully powdercoated and assembled. Also, the body was straightened and painted. The owner wanted Trick Works to finish the project. The end result was an award winning truck which has been featured in several magazines.

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