​1968 Dodge Dart

The owner of this ’68 Dart Convertible would like to retain the classic look of the car while improving its drivability. It is a factory smallblock stick car and will be a real nice, fun to drive street machine when completed. To date, we have done the following:

- Replaced front and rear floor pans
- Built new trans tunnel and modified cross brace to accept new Tremec 5-speed Transmission
- Installed sub frame connectors
- Smoothed firewall
- Trimmed and smoothed front frame rails
- Smoothed front radiator support
- Installed power steering box to replace the stock manual unit
- Widened rear wheelhouses by 2” to fit wider wheels
- Relocated rear leaf springs inboard for additional wheel/tire clearance
- Miscellaneous rust repair – done right with properly formed and welded-in patches

Ultimately, the Dart is going to be updated with disc brakes on all four corners. An A/C unit is going to be added. A custom 2-1/2” exhaust system will be fabricated. Upgraded leaf springs and torsion bars will be added to the mix. The car is going to be lowered slightly to give it the right stance. And, of course, the exterior sheet metal is going to be brought up to the Trick Works standard of exceptional fit and quality. And all of this will be topped off with a show quality paint job.

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